My mind keeps expanding because I will never stop learning. I like to inspire myself with refreshing and knowledgable perspectives. A few of these thought leaders have had a big influence on my train of thought. All these thought leaders have their own hunger to keep learning and sense of pattern recognition in common. There is always something to learn.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is early investor in Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. He has the ability to for see part of the future based upon his experience. Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder of the social media company Vaynermedia for which he is working with world’s biggest brands. He puts a lot of content out on many different channels created by Team Garyvee. Gary Vaynerchuk can sound like a modern salesman on the internet but after I have been following I can understand where he’s coming from. Don’t listen to what he says, look at what he does.

Tim Ferris

He is an early-stage technology investor/advisor (Uber, Facebook, Shopify, Duolingo, Alibaba, and 50+ others). Tim Ferris wrote the 4-hour workweek. This book is the must read for digital nomads. His podcast “The Tim Ferris Show” has long been on the top of many podcast lists. 

Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is the founder of investment firm Bridgewater Associates. One of the world’s most successful investment management firms. He has written the book Principles. In the book Principles he lays out the principles he is living by. His company has been very successful partly because of the way the organization is structured. He has been publishing the tools Bridgewater Associates is using as apps to use for other organizations. He did a lot of research around economics which are worth reading up on.

Joe Rogan

New thought leaders can come from everywhere. Joe Rogan has become famous as a Fear factor presenter. He’s also a comedian and is the guy to talk about fighting with. For his podcast he hangs out with inspiring people. 

My Grandma

My Grandma is one of those women my whole life admires. She has been a big inspiration in how she raised a family. She is still standing strong just because she created a solid base for herself. Her children are taking care of her and she is growing up together with her grandchildren.