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The Art of Effective Decision Making: A Personal Guide

Making effective decisions can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to important decisions that can impact our lives in significant ways. But fear not, because with a little…
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My Journey to Becoming a Meditation Teacher in Vietnam

After I arrived in Vietnam I took the night bus from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne, a coastal village known for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather. I was looking…
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How to Maximize Organizational Efficiency in 5 Steps (according to Elon Musk)

Over time, organizations can become less productive, wasteful, and efficient, which lowers morale and increases costs. Organizations must optimize their processes and procedures to stay productive if they want to…
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Ridwan Nasruddin Creates Connections

Ridwan Nasruddin opens up perspectives. During his studies he founded with friends a company creating videos, websites and branding for exciting businesses. Besides this this led to the the creation of great side projects like Bagels for Breakfast and R-Rated Memories. Along the way, Ridwan skilled up as a creative and strategic thinker.

Ridwan hosts GRAB A FEED,  a food and podcast show where Ridwan exchanges perspectives and learns from the people around him.