While I have been reading about Silicon Valley and the tech world, I stumbled again and agin upon the same story; Many founders of big tech companies are meditating. Meditating has a lot of benefits and can help with stress and anxiety treatment. I did my research and found a few meditation apps which guided me through the wonderful world of meditation. Most of these are free meditation apps and have premium options if you want more guided meditation.


When I started meditating I used the headspace app a lot. Headspace has a special 10 days beginners course. The Headspace app is founded by former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe. 


After getting more into meditation I explored apps like Calm. Calm has a lot of free offers for people who want to start to get into meditation. The Calm app is not only about meditation, it’s also about mindfulness to help with depression, anxiety and stress.

Insight Timer

If you really want to take a deep dive into meditation, insight timer is a great choice. Insight time is a marketplace of different meditation courses. Insight Timer has over 5000 different meditations published by more than 1150 meditation teachers.