We created the Torus as a VJ installation research. Torus is a mathematical object based on the golden ratio. This Golden Ratio can be found in various places in nature like sunflowers, fingerprints and animals. We combined technology with the beauty of nature. The shape of the Torus is inspired by the works of Yoshinobu Miyamoto. The Torus contains the Golden Ratio inspired by nature. We combined the Torus with projection mapping using Resolume Arena, Raspberry Pi, Fadecandy and LEDS which corresponds with the visuals.

We showed the Torus in De Marktkantine Amsterdam during the club nights with Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettman & Patrice Bäumel.

We have fully documented the process of creating the Torus and created this open source guide to create it yourself:


The club where we showed the big version of the Torus also interviewed us about our inspirations and motivations. You can read the interview over here: